Alive n’ kicking: Gran Turismo 5 “hopefully” out by next Christmas – Sony

Gran Turismo 5 - Image 1Oh, Gran Turismo 5 is alive? According to SCEE‘s James Armstrong in an interview with El Financiero, it most certainly is. And what do you know, Sony‘s aiming to get it out by Christmas of next year. Really? Really. Read up after the jump.

Gran Turismo 5 - Image 1 

Well, what do we have here? Seems like the almost-forgotten Gran Turismo 5 is still alive and kicking. We may have not been hearing much about this for a while, but SCEE‘s James Armstrong has jumpstarted the title once again in our idling streams of consciousness.

According to him, in an interview with Spanish publication El Financiero, Sony expects GT5 to be released by Christmas of next year.. For real?!?! Well, we can’t say. But that’s what he said, and inasmuch as we’d like to have that spark of hope reignited within us, we can’t help but be wary about this new pronouncement.

After all, we’ve all been burned, oh, just a couple bajillion times before on this game’s launch date, right? Plus, this particular dateline’s a couple of seasons off from the recently-rumored Spring 09 release. Come on, guys. Make up your mind.

Anyway, we shall soon see how much water this one holds. Maybe when Polyphony Digital concurs, then we know we’ve got golden eggs in our hands. But until then, put on those skeptics’ hats for your own protection.

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Via El Financiero

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