Alleged Mortal Kombat-imitating babysitters charged with murder

The Mortal Kombat logo - Image 1The Columbine tragedy isn’t the only occurrence wherein real life violence was linked to video game violence. Now a new incident has joined the ranks of the accused: teenagers Lamar Roberts and Heather Trujillo have been accused of murdering Trujillo’s half sister Zoe Garcia, and of imitating Mortal Kombat while they were at it.

Find out how it took place after the jump.

Scorpion and a bloody uppercut - Image 1Adolescence is usually the time when passions tend to run wild. That may be what happened to teenagers Lamar Roberts and Heather Trujillo, who have been accused of murdering Heather’s half sister Zoe Garcia using what has been described as imitation moves from the Mortal Kombat series of games.

Roberts and Trujillo were reportedly babysitting Garcia while the sisters’ mother was away at work. The teens allegedly hit, kicked and slammed Garcia Mortal Kombat-style, causing the younger sister to fall unconscious. Despite efforts to revive her, Garcia later died from multiple injuries.

Accounts of the incident varied. Roberts claimed that he was playing video games downstairs while the Trujillo and Garcia wrestled upstairs, but a witness claimed that Roberts himself had told the witness that he had struck Garcia. The same witness also said that Roberts claimed he was drunk, and that Garcia had asked the teens to stop.

Regardless of what actually happened, at least one thing is for sure: news like this is sure to fan the flames of indignation again for moral crusaders like Jack Thompson and Leland Yee.

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