Amazon offers hot discounts for Trauma Center, Manhunt 2, etc. - Image 1If you were not able to join in on the recent Black Friday sales madness, don’t fret: offers good discounts for several Wii titles such as Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Trauma Center: New Blood, and even Manhunt 2. Details on the full article!

Trauma Center: New Blood - Image 1Still hung over the recent Black Friday sales madness? Online retailer Amazon still has a bunch of great offers for Wii gamers, and the discounted game selection ain’t bad, either. Check this out: Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Barrel Blast is now enjoying a hefty discount of US$20.00, slashing the price down to only US$ 29.99.

Even Manhunt 2 by Rockstar Games is enjoying a nice 10% price cut, and is now priced at US$ 29.99. There are several other titles sent into Amazon’s discount bin, including Trauma Center: New Blood by Atlus and Tomb Raider: Anniversary by Eidos Interactive.

Do hit the Via link if you’re interesting in taking advantage of the promotion! Offer valid while supplies last.

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