Ape Escape: The Record of Piposaru War website launched

Ape Escape: The Record of Piposaru War - Image 1Time to go bananas for another Ape Escape spin-off title. Here’s the latest: Ape Escape: The Record of Piposaru War. The official website just got launched, and in it are a couple of screenshots showing (what seems to be) some real-time action-RPG gameplay elements mixed into this new quirky title from Cero.

Grab them bananas and read more in the full article.

Ape Escape: Record of Piposaru War - Image 1

Through the years, we’ve seen quite a number of games released in the Ape Escape series. Alongside the main story arc, spin-offs involving the crazy chimps have likewise been released, all of which had their own quirks and novel elements to them.

The latest entry is no exception. Ape Escape: The Record of Piposaru War will bring in a fantasy element to the series that some of us have grown familiar with. As you can see from the screens, there’s some real-time action-RPG gameplay element mixed into it.

The official site for Cero‘s The Record of Piposaru War (to be accurate, in Japanese, the game is fully titled Sarugetchu Piposaru Senki: The Record of Piposaru War) has launched in the PlayStation Japan hub. In it, you can see a couple of screenshots from the coming game, but other than that, there isn’t much.

More information is scheduled to be released soon though. As the website indicates, Piposaru War will be popping in the World Hobby Fair in Japan this month. Click the via link to check out the game’s website.

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