Apple with style: Customize your iPhone’s Springboard

Apple with style: Customize your iPhone's Springboard - Image 1Starting to feel jaded with your iPhone‘s default preference setting? We feel for you. The daily use of the iPhone can make one feel some what wishing for something new, the iPhone’s SpringBoard App contains hidden preferences you can align to your taste.
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iPhone preference sample - Image 1 

Apple iPhones have preferences that doesn’t readily appear outright aside from the ones that instantly appear when it’s in use. For those who own iPhones and are curious about these preferences, accessing them won’t pose much difficulty even if you aren’t tech savvy in tinkering with configurations or code, as you would with Springboard hacks. Well, not if you use a useful iPhone utility, that is.

Eager to apply these said preferences, yet have no idea on  which preference to use from more  than a dozen available?  No sweat. We have provided for you below descriptions of 5 fun and entertaining preferences for you to chose from to use on your iPhone.

  • “Fake Time” Setting – In the SpringBoard file,  two fake time preferences are offered: SBFakeTime and SBFakeTimeString. If  you set SBFakeTime  to “Yes”,  the time at the top of your iPhone screen will be replaced by the contents of the SBFakeTimeSpring; replacing the actual time with an arbitrary text.
  • “Fake Carrier” Setting – The SBFakeCarrier preference will enable you to change your carrier from AT&T to any carrier you fancy.
  • Hide Chosen Apps for Keynotes – Through the SBEEnableAppReveal, you can hide your iPhone’s YouTube, iTunes, and Safari Apps from giving keynotes. Goofy, yes, but great for playing pranks on your buds!
  • Change Docks – Given that the iPhone touch dock is different from it’s default dock, you can interchange these two through the SBUseNewDock.
  • See Numerical Signal Strength Values – The iPhone’s SBShowGSMRSSI and SBShowRSSI enables iPhone users to see their cell and WiFi signal strengths as numerical figures instead of the standard pictures.

Aside from these preferences we’ve mentioned above, there are still quite more to chose from. Although these preferences, once set, won’t necessarily improve your iPhone’s efficiency, they can bring additional spice to your iPhone.

For a more detailed instructions on tweaking your iPhone’s SpringBoard, head on over to the link provided we’ve for you below. In fact, you will need to, because the utility we mentioned earlier is available at the source.

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