Atari confirms Alone in the Dark PS3 this fall

Alone in the Dark - Image 1Atari and Eden launched Alone in the Dark earlier last month for all its planned platforms except for the PlayStation 3. The Sony console’s version of the horror title was shelved for almost half a year and it’s due out in fall of this year. Details on the launch window after the jump.

Alone in the Dark - Image 1Atari has confirmed that its horror title Alone in the Dark will finally launch on the PS3 this November. This comes almost half a year after its PS2, PC, Xbox 360, and Wiicounterparts shipped.

While there wasn’t exactly any disappointed uproars in the PS3 community, it was still a matter of interest on why Eden would take so long to develop it for the platform. More than the game’s delay, it was the act of isolating the PS3 that caused a few eyebrows to twitch up.

Anyway, we hope Eden addresses the issues that plagued other versions of the game. The extra five months should be enough to do that, right?

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