Auran CEO announces gift for long-time Fury players, plans for the future

The Auran logo - Image 1With Tony Hilliam’s announcement regarding Auran Developments’ foreclosure, what does the future hold for Fury now? Quite a bit, according to Auran CEO Tony Hilliam. As starters, Auran is offering a gift to eligible Fury players.

More on Auran’s gift and future plans after the jump!

Auran CEO Tony Hilliam - Image 1When last we’d heard from Auran, the company had released the Age of the Chosen patch for Fury, despite Auran CEO Tony Hilliam’s announcement that Auran Developments had officially called it quits. In a new state of the game message to Fury players, however, it seems that the fight hasn’t gone out of the remaining Auran yet.

As a surprise gift, Mr. Hilliam has announced that all core Fury players who have been around since the Alpha and Beta testing days, as well as those who register their copy of Fury before December 31, will be upgraded to Immortal status for life on January 3 next year.

The present, however, isn’t the only concern of Tony Hilliam and the rest of the Fury team. According to Mr. Hilliam, Auran will be looking into visiting various improvements upon Fury in the form of a reworked tutorial, weaking abilities and gear, achievement and crafting systems, and a Fury challenge event.

Auran may be down, but it’s definitely not out. Stay tuned for more Fury updates as we get them.

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