Awesome dad builds Wiimote cabinet

Wiimote cabinet - Image 1First Wiimote skateboards; now, Wiimote cabinets: a dad build an awesome cabinet fashioned after the likeness of the Wiimote, creating one of the most awesome things a Wii gamer could ever want. That lucky, lucky kid. More pictures in the full article!

Wiimote cabinert - Image 1

This has to be one sweet cabinet for all your Wii paraphernalia and games library.

Craig, a reader of GoNintendo, sent some pictures of the incredible Wiimote cabinet that his dad had apparently built for him, and we can’t help but bow down at such show of pure awesome (another one is the Wiimote skateboard). The cabinet, as you can see in the pictures, is based on the Wiimote, and provides ample storage space for the Wii Remotes, Nunchuks, and all other happy Wii stuff.

Standing beside a large HDTV, we can’t help but feel that Craig is one kid who is really, really loved by his parents.

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