Awesome in a can: US debut trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 1Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Announced, dated, and now trailerized. Check out the US debut trailer of this battle royale from Square Enix after the jump.

Wanna see something awesome? Check this out:

You just know they’re the villains since they’re not afraid of getting melted by the frickin’ lava erupting at their backs. Good thing they didn’t show Kefka engaging in a hand to hand fight or I would’ve shot milk out of my nose. And it would’ve been sweeter if Ultros popped out of the sea.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
drops this Summer in the US, as reconfirmed by the trailer. Europe‘s getting it this Autumn. I’m definitely getting this. Are you?

Thanks to jack_gllghr for the tip!

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