Axed Silent Hill: Homecoming Easy mode explained

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Image 1Missing Easy mode much on Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)? It looks like you’re not the only one. But why did the devs axe it? Lead designer for Double Helix explains the decision to take it out. See their reason after the jump.

Silent Hill: Homecoming: not easy - Image 1  

Are you one of those gamers wondering where the hell the Easy mode for Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) went? If yes, then this should be a good day for closure.

MTV Mutliplayer blogger Patrick Klepek sent an email to Homecoming lead designer at Double Helix, Jason Allen, asking why they removed the said mode in the latest installation of the horror franchise.

Explains Allen,

Balancing for any game is always a difficult and somewhat onerous task. For Silent Hill, in trying to maintain that atmosphere, it was difficult to set an easy mode up for the game that still kept the player in highly agitated state. Though we did spend some time looking into how to go about it; in the end it came down to insufficient time to truly justify its inclusion. I’m a firm believer that if you put something in the game, it better be the same high standard as the rest of the game – or you should cut it.

Are you guys sold on his excuse? Personally, for someone like me who is always on the verge of getting cardiac arrest whenever playing a zombie game, the Easy mode would have provided for a much-needed relief. But that’s just me, wussy girl.

What about you guys? Do share your thoughts below.

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