Baja – Developer diary video: Physics and suspension

Baja - Developer diary video: Physics and suspension - Image 1The devs behind Baja are really giving it all they’ve got to make the off-road truck racing game one great gaming experience. In the latest developer diary video, the chief designer and physics programmer talk about how they are making things as realistic as possible. Catch the clip after the jump!

Just how rough and dirty will THQ‘s Baja (for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) be when it’s finally released? Well, it’s really going to be something that could hopefully blow your minds. This would be the case if you’re into off-road truck racing.

In the dev diary video we were able to grab, chief designer Robb Rinard and physics programmer Rick Baltman dished out the things they were doing to make Baja one great racing game. From designing to programming, both have noted that every single detail put in the game, no matter how small, will affect gaming experience.

We won’t spoil anything for you.  Simply enjoy the video below and see the game slowly unfold through the words of the devs. We’ll keep you guys updated with more info on the game.

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