Beautiful Katamari rolls up Europe this February

Beautiful Katamari - Image 1Atari has announced that Namco Bandai‘s Beautiful Katamari should be hitting Europe by February 2008. That means that we can expect gamers in that region to be spending more time in front of their Xbox 360 rolling up various creatures and continents in an effort to create new stars in the sky.

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Beautiful Katamari - Image 1If you ever had the urge to roll things up into a giant ball, then you probably need to play Namco Bandai‘s Katamari Damacy.

Atari, the game’s distributor in UK, has just announced that the latest iteration in the series, Beautiful Katamari, should be hitting Europe by February 2008.

The game can be played in full high-definition making it the best looking Katamari Damacy game to date. In addition to that, this particular version will also be sporting a new soundtrack, online multiplayer with support up to four players, and leaderboards statistics.

Atari also mentioned that Beautiful Katamari will also eventually have downloadable content. Those who like playing offline will be happy to know that co-op and battle modes were both included in the multiplayer options.

So Europe-based gamers better start practicing their rolling skills, because Beautiful Katamari will be arriving in your area very soon.

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