Best Buy branch receives unexpected Wii shipment, delights customers

Nintendo Wii - Image 1It’s Christmas, and many holiday shoppers have already lost hope in finding a Wii console to put underneath their Christmas trees due to the notorious shortage. However, one Best But branch in White Marsh unexpectedly received a shipment of 67 Wii units, delighting weary shoppers. More details in the full article!

Nintendo Wii - Image 1Amidst the nationwide Wii shortage phenomena, some late Christmas shoppers were rewarded with a rare chance to get one of the holiday’s most sought-after items, the Nintendo Wii console.

In the Best Buy store in White Marsh, shoppers were surprised when Best Buy employees started to walk around, informing them that an unexpected shipment of 67 Nintendo Wii units arrived.

The general manager, Dave Wolf, did not display the units for fear of creating a mob scene. Instead, he and other Best Buy employees delivered the good news by word-of-mouth. One of the customers was surprised when she was told by Wolf that there were Wiis in stock. Out of sheer delight of finding a rare Wii console, the customer offered Wolf some crab cakes.

Via Baltimore Sun

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