Bionic Commando: Rearmed update – Multiplayer mode

Bionic Commando: Rearmed update - Multiplayer mode - Image 1When Capcom initially announced their planned remake of Bionic Commando, they also hinted that the game would carry a 2-player co-op mode. They’ve apparently decided to take this idea further, and have added a multiplayer battle mode. More details are available in the full article.

As was promised by Capcom producer Ben Judd earlier, today marks the first of GRIN’s Three Days of the Commando series of community updates. Today’s segment will be covering be a feature that’s been added to the Bionic Commando: Rearmed remake (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC): Multiplayer mode.

Judd explained that gamers can choose to run a co-op mode, in case you’re up for some team play. There will also be several challenge rooms available, if you’re interested in testing out your skills. Players can choose one of these four playable characters:

  • Nathan “R.A.D.” Spencer
  • Supervisor Joseph Gibson
  • Generalissimo Killt
  • Groeder

Some of them can only be unlocked in story mode, with each character carrying his own set of unique stats. GRIN didn’t forget about the PvP dudes either – there’s also a multiplayer battle mode that’ll allow you go go head-to-head with your friends. To this end, they’ve released a video to give you an idea of how it looks. Enjoy the clip, and stick around in case we receive any more updates.

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