Bioshock devs hiring PS3 programmers

Bioshock's little sister - Image 12K Boston is not shy of telling everyone that the company is hiring programmers who can work on the Sony PlayStation 3 and Unreal Engine. It may not sound much on the surface, but we sure are excited to find out if the new recruits will be developing Bioshock for the PS3. More details on this at the full article.

Bioshock - Image 1Regardless whether we’ll ever see Bioshock on the Sony PlayStation 3 or not, we can be certain about one thing – 2K Boston (former Irrational Games) is working on a PS3 title, and needs programmers to get its latest project finished. The company’s job listing on its official website reveals it’s hiring programmers for various positions.

Bioshock earned a handful of “Game of the Year” honors for 2007 and was dubbed as a must-have gift by 2K Games, so it won’t be surprising if people in charge decide to make more money out of the great first-person shooter. As of now, 2K Boston is hiring tools programmers and senior console programmers who can work on Sony’s platform.

With lackluster endings and the constant request of fans to have more plasmids, it’s easy to imagine 2K adding features and cutscenes to the original Bioshock. We’re talking something like those Game of the Year editions of Bethesda Softworks’ RPGs, which could be a great way to sell a game on a new platform after already selling millions of copies. Will Bioshock jump ship to the PS3? Time will tell.

Via 2K Boston

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