Blizzard Store now open, European store to open soon

The new Blizzard Store is now open, European store coming soon - Image 1Heads up, Blizzard fans! The Blizzard Online Store is now live in the US, chock full of everything Blizzard from Warcraft to Starcraft. Details after the “read more” link below.

Blizzard Store  - Image 1Good news, Blizzard fans! The doors of the Blizzard Online Store is now open for the US, offering up everything Blizzard, from Warcraft, to Diablo, to Starcraft, and everything from games to shirts, and kitchen sinks.

You can buy all the recent Blizzard games in the store, as well as books, board games, and trading cards. If you’re a die-hard fan you can also purchase Blizzard shirts and caps, action figures and other collectibles, and lot of other stuff for the Blizzard fan.

The European store will also open soon, according to the UK version of the website. If you’re from the region and if you’re really impatient to buy your Blizzard paraphernalia, you can always buy from the US store, although international shipping rates will apply.

Visit the Blizzard Store by following the Via Link below.

Via Blizzard

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