Blu-ray accuses HD DVD of “gross manipulation of numbers”

Format Square - Image 1After hearing claims by the HD DVD Promotion Group that HD DVD’s attach rate in movies were significantly higher than Blu-ray’s, Blu-ray Disc Association chairman Frank Simonis reacts, saying that it was a “gross manipulation of numbers,” and that it was far from the truth. Read more about it in the full article!

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Manipulation of numbers? That’s what the Blu-ray Disc Association is saying after the HD DVD Promotion Group posted their numbers about the attach rate of HD movies on HD DVD: that consumers buy 3.8 HD DVD movies compared to only 0.8 Blu-ray movies for each Blu-ray player.

However, Frank Simonis, the chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association, say that HD DVD’s report was a gross misrepresentation of data. “The HD DVD Group have manipulated the GfK data and you can see this because they did not even supply access to the original source of their numbers,” Simonis claimed. The GfK outfit that was mentioned in Simonis’ claim is the research company that processed the data that the HD DVD used on their attach rate report.

The Blu-ray Association still stands by their data that their Blu-ray player outsells HD DVD by 2 to 1. “Honest to God, the Blu-ray Disc Association would never do this (manipulation of numbers). We’ve seen so much rubbish come from the HD DVD Group it’s unbelievable,” Simonis said.

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