Build what you want: new SimCity Societies trailer video

SimCity Societies - Image 1Ever wanted to manage a mega-city of your own? With SimCity Societies, the latest installment in the legendary god game series, you can, and in fully-rendered 3D. That’s right – no more blocky sprites or 3/4th view that confines you to a limited look at your very own creation. With the help of some next-gen polish, players will be able to not only look at their buildings from any vantage point, but also zoom in on each and every citizen that lives in their city – and we get a taste of that in this new trailer video.

Check out the moving picture happy in the full article.

Ever fancied making (and managing) your very own mega-city from the ground up? With Electronic Arts‘ brainchild and the latest entry to the SimCity series, SimCity Societies for the PC, you can, and we get a refresher on the basics with this latest trailer video of the game. Sit back and relax as we watch what could be one of the most revolutionary games of all time get the next-gen polish it’s been waiting for.

So, what could be so good about SimCity Societies that it warrants a purchase? The fact that you can build and manage your own city, in real time, and in full 3D. No more 3/4ths perspective here – you can view your city any way you want, with everything from the buildings down to the residents rendered and animated. It’s the closest thing we’ll probably get to actually managing a city all by ourselves.

No more spoilers from us, enjoy the video!

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