Canceled PSN episodic comedy game Rat Race revived, now undergoing certification

Rat Race - Image 1Rat Race, an episodic comedy game from Super-Ego Games that was canceled by Sony last year, has come back from the dead. Super-Ego co-founder Bo Lasater recently told TrueGameHeadz that the first two episodes of Rat Race have already been submitted to Sony for certification.

Rat Race had a promising setting (an office populated by people that “make the Enron guys look like Nobel Prize laureates”), an interesting concept (survive each day without blowing your top or getting fired), and a voice cast consisting of stars from TV shows like South Park and Ugly Betty.

Yeah, it had a promising future, until Sony pulled the plug.

That didn’t stop developer Super-Ego Games from working on it, however. Speaking to TrueGameHeadz, Super-Ego co-founder Bo Lasater revealed that reports that while the game isn’t 100% alive yet, it’s slowly “coming out of a coma”.

Rat Race (image from TrueGameHeadz) - Image 1

After Sony canceled Rat Race last year, Super-Ego eventually found themselves a third-party publisher. Lasater said that work has continued on the game and the first two episodes of the episodic comedy game have already been submitted to Sony for certification.

Now that it’s gone third-party, the possibility of Rat Race crossing over to other consoles have also been opened. Lasater said that a PC version had always been planned, and an Xbox 360 version “would only take one to two man-months to complete.” A Wii version, though, isn’t in the cards primarily due to Rat Race‘s size.

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