Capcom: Okami already running on Wii hardware

Okami - Image 1It’s been a while since we last heard about Okami on the Nintendo Wii. This time, though, we not only get an insider’s look at how the decision to port the PS2 classic to the Nintendo Wii went down, but also how the title is currently faring in its new home. The verdict? We may be seeing Okami Wii on store shelves soon enough.

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Okami - Image 1 

Here’s an update on everybody’s favorite Shinto sun goddess in wolf form that’s making her way to the Nintendo Wii – Okami is now officially running on Nintendo’s console, with Clover’s engine happily chugging along in its new environment. This means that all doubts (if there were any) of the Wii not being able to handle Okami‘s unique art style has been dispelled, and we might be seeing a release sooner than the developers’ expected Spring 2008 release date. Yes!

This news comes directly from the Capcom Unity Blog, where Capcom’s own Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Christian Svensson, talked about how Okami Wii came to be, and it’s no surprise that he attributes it to the fans’ burning need to see Amaterasu sketch her way into the Wii. At the very last bit of the blog entry, he gives a hint as to just how the porting process is going:

As it stands today, the team has the game assets converted (quite the laborious process), up and running in a ported version of CloverÂ’s engine.

There are still several systems getting set up properly but thereÂ’s most definitely a Wii-driven Amaterasu running around Wii-rendered environments as we speak. WeÂ’ve got the home videos to prove it (and no, you canÂ’t see them yet, sorry).

Besides them being snippy people about letting us see the videos in question, it’s definitely good news for us eager to get to some Celestial Brush-ery. Here’s hoping that they throw us just a quick peek or so, and we’ll definitely be here to update you when that happens.

Via Capcom Unity

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