Capcom: PlayStation 3 has reached full swing

Capcom - PS3 has finally reached full swing - Image 1Although Sony‘s contender in this generation of consoles had a rocky start, the PlayStation 3 has been picking up some traction lately. Has it finally picked up its much needed momentum? Capcom seems to think so. According to the publisher, the PlayStation 3 has reached “full swing.” More details in the full article.

Capcom - PS3 has finally reached full swing - Image 1Despite a rocky start, and harsh words from some very outspoken members of the video game community (remember David Perry?), the PlayStation 3 has been picking up momentum lately.

In fact, with ginormous releases in the near future, such as LittleBigPlanetand Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the new PlayStation 3 models, one can only see a brighter future ahead for the Sony console.

Will Sony be able to keep up the pace? Capcom seems to think so. In fact, the publisher believes that sales will pick up even more when they release Resident Evil 5. In a conference call for their first quarter results, Capcom had this to say:

We believe that PS3 has finally reached full swing after looking at the success of Metal Gear Solid 4, as well as future large-scale title line-ups

In addition, some reduction in the PS3’s price was announced at the 2008 E3, and we can expect its spread to increase by next March when our Resident Evil 5 for PS3 will be released.

Which is not to say that they are abandoning the other platforms. They continue that:

As we are not only focusing on PS3, we would also like to spread our supply of software evenly between Wii and Xbox 360 while their markets in the world increase in a similar manner to PS3.

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