Capcom Store offers Okami pre-order bonus

Okami for Wii - Image 1The Capcom Store definitely favors Okami as it crafted well-thought bonus perks for early birds who pre-ordered the action-adventure game. Now if you had been slow off your feet back then, the Capcom Store offers you a chance to redeem yourself with the nearing release of Okami. More details after the jump.

Okami stamp - Image 1The Capcom Store crafted a generous package of bonus perks for fans of the adventure-action Nintendo Wii game Okami who pre-ordered the game early from the store. If you missed it, here’s a rundown of those goodies:

  • handmade thank-you cards from recycled fibers
  • embedded seeds of the sage plant
  • an exclusive postage stamp featuring the protagonist Amaterasu
  • a free shipping coupon code for a future transaction.

If you weren’t able to take advantage of this promo, the Capcom Store is offering you a chance to make up for it now that the release date for Okami is upon us. Purchase the game from April 15 to 21 using the coupon code OKAMIWII08 and you will receive a free economy shipping for the game. Make a move for it!

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