Capcom: Street Fighter IV not exclusive to any platform

Street Fighter IV not PS3 exclusive - Image 1The eagerly-awaited fighting game, Street Fighter IV, apparently has encountered rumors that it will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 Console. Is it true or isn’t it? Find out after the jump!

Capcom: Street Fighter IV not exclusive to any platform - Image 1Well, rumors have a certain way of either making or breaking a game. As for the fighting game favorite, Street Fighter IV, there was a rumor that recently spread that it was going to be a PS3 exclusive title.

Apparently, this rumor started appearing on several French gaming websites and just rapidly spread like a virus all throughout the Internet.

Capcom didn’t want to take any chances on this rumor, that’s why they released an official word regarding this matter. According to the developer, through a spokesperson, “We haven’t even announced any home console versions for the game yet.”

Now, it wouldn’t hurt if this game ever does become ported over to multiplatforms. For a game that has achieved massive success over the years, it’s just difficult to imagine it being an exclusive to any one platform out there in the market.

Anyway, we’ll keep you guys posted on more updates on this game!

Via PSX Extreme

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