Capcom’s Japanese website shows off Chun Li concept art

Street Fighter IV - Image 1Chun Li is definitely one of the mainstays of Capcom‘s legendary fighting game, Street Fighter, and in this update we see how much she’s changed in her Street Fighter IV incarnation. Although, it seems that the guys behind the visuals of the game need to fix a couple of kinks in the art, as we see in this latest update that shows off the Interpol agent’s beginnings in the game. Check them out in the full article.

Chun Li - Image 1 Chun Li - Image 2 Chun Li - Image 3

Stylized graphics, like that of The Wind Waker incarnation of the Legend of Zelda, obviously foregoes realistic proportions for a different way of showing character aesthetics. While this is the case with Capcom‘s Street Fighter IV, it seems that the guys behind the game’s graphics need a little bit more work with Chun Li. We see this in what appears to be an update about the high-kicking Interpol agent in the official Japanese page of the game.

What’s wrong with these pictures? While we certainly can appreciate how the team has managed to make a next-gen Chun Li that certainly looks both feminine and kickass at the same time, we have to call out the Capcom team on her very sore and very obvious thumb. That thumb can KILL people, more than her thighs can.

We’re no experts at the human anatomy (yours truly certainly isn’t) but the fact that the thumb looks so unnatural, even when the guys at the homepage blur the entire picture, tells us that there really needs to be some extra work done. Here’s hoping it gets fixed before the game gets released. Updates as we get them.

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