cdogsPSP v0.1.3.80

cdogsPSP v0.1.3.80 - Image 1We’ve just received word that Sektor has updated cdogsPSP to version v0.1.3.80. The latest iteration of  the developer’s entry to last year’s NeoFlash Summer Coding Competition that’d sure to please owners of the PSP Slim in particular. You can read on this in the full article.

Download: cdogsPSP v0.1.3.80

cdogsPSP v0.1.3.80 - Image 1 

We’re letting the guys know that developer Sektor has just released version of the cdogsPSP homebrew game. This title, in case you’re wondering, is a port of the classic cyberdogs shooter.

This gauntlets shooter is easy to pick up, and should cater for the players out there looking for a quick pixel-blasting session. This new release doesn’t carry any changes, save for the fact it will now work on 3.xx M33 custom firmwares. This one’s definitely for the Slim owners, folks.

The game will also work with the recently released CFW 3.80 M33. We advise would-be players to access the file’s readme for a guide to cdogsPSP’s controls.

Download: cdogsPSP v0.1.3.80

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