CES 2008: John Koller talks about the future of the PSP

CES 2008: John Koller talks on the future of the PSP - Image 1Sony‘s PSP product manager John Koller was recently picked up for an interview over at the ongoing CES 2008 to talk about the future of their handheld. The dude touched on several interesting topics, including some of their general update plans for the PSP. More details up ahead in the full article.

CES 2008: John Koller talks on the future of the PSP - Image 1If you’ve been keeping tabs on the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show lately, you’ll know that Sony‘s PSP is set to pick up some major updates for the year.The PSP’s senior product manager, John Koller, was picked up for an interview regarding just what sort of plans the company had for their handheld.

Koller started off with some extra details regarding the launch date for the PSP’s Skype feature: It’s currently expected to be released in three to four weeks, and with a little luck, by the end of this month. The VoIP service will be available via a firmware update.

Koller moved on to describe their more general plans for this new year, such as how to correctly hit the right gamer demographics for their handheld. Koller elaborated:

Whether it’s snack-size or bite-size content that we put on the PSN store or larger, broader content like a Final Fantasy: Crisis Core that you put on UMD, we want to make sure we target against those demographics appropriately. I think in the past we’ve had a whole lot of games and a different variety of different demographics and different genres, but for us, we want to hone in from a marketing perspective on who these people are that we’re talking to. I think we’re getting to a good place with that; the teen demographic’s been a big thing for us this last holiday.

As for the matter of upgrades, Koller reiterated that they would be more focused on adding new features via firmware updates (like the Skype feature). Koller explained that they already had hardware revisions to the system last September (we imagine he means the PSP Slim’s debut).  That’s the gist of what Koller had to say for the moment at the CES 2008. You can pick up on the full interview via the source link.

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