CGS 2008 update: Forza 2, FIFA 08 included in tournament roster

CGS 2008 update: Forza 2, FIFA 08 included in tournament roster - Image 1Wondering what titles are making it to this year’s Championship Gaming Series? The official site has disclosed that two games being prepped for this year’s matches are FIFA 08 for the PC, and Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox 360. More on this matter is available in the full article.

CGS 2008 update: Forza 2, FIFA 08 included in tournament roster - Image 1The organizer of this year’s Championship Gaming Series tournament have recently announced the four game to be used in the event’s roster.

For the PC platform, that means the return of the Counter-Strike: Source FPS by Valve Entertainment, and the appearance of the FIFA 08 by EA Sports as a follow-up to CGS’ use of FIFA 07 last year.

Xbox 360 gamers should also recognize Tecmo‘s Dead or Alive 4, which will also be making a second appearance at the CGS. New for the console is Microsoft Game StudiosForza Motorsport 2, which will be taking the place of Project Gotham Racing 3 from last year.

Microsoft Game Studios lead designer Dan Greenwalt had this to say regarding Forza 2‘s inclusion in CGS’ current lineup:

Featuring bone-crushing damage and authentic simulation physics at a blistering 60 frames-per-second, Forza Motorsport 2 will test the mettle of the worldÂ’s best gamers as they race each other on the most challenging tracks in the world.

Electronic Art’s Doug Scott had this to say regarding CGS update to FIFA 08:

We’re very excited to see FIFA back in CGS again. It’s wonderful to see the world of pro gaming continuing to grow along and we are proud to have the world’s greatest football game as a part of that.

This year’s CGS will begin this March 7 to 9 at South by Southwest ScreenBurn Arcade in Austin, Texas. Competition mechanics and admission details (for the truly skilled gamers among us) are accessible at the official CGS site at the source link below.

Via The CGS official site

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