Champions Online’s Ask Cryptic update: inquiries on zombies, others answered

Champions Online update: Ask Cryptic Studios - Image 1Got some question roaming in your mind about Champions Online? Well, you might want to check out the latest update on the superhero MMORPG. The latest leg of Ask Cryptic Studios has been posted and question by curious players have been finally answered. Check them out after the jump!

Champions Online update: Ask Cryptic Studios - Image 1It’s always good to ask because when you do, you get to learn more interesting stuff.

Questions raised by curious players of the MMORPG Champions Online (also on Xbox 360) were answered by the developers themselves.

The latest Ask Cryptic Studios has been put up over at the official website. Queries ranged from technical support to interesting in-game content. One of the most noteworthy questions raised was by The_Ghoul. He wondered if zombies will be introduced in the game.

Arkayne answered with a definitive yes. There are actually a lot more questions that were raised. So if you guys want to know what they are, feel free to visit the link below. We’re sure that you guys will find it very helpful when playing the MMORPG.

Don’t forget to visit this space for more updates and news on this game.

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