Championship Gaming Series creates world’s first pro gaming training center and arena

Championship Gaming Series logo - Image 1You read that right – professional gaming now has a huge venue in China where the best players can train and compete. The Championship Gaming Series league went all out, and it’s expected that the CGS 2008 Pan-Asia Final which will be held in the facility will be the most explosive yet. Find all the details at the full article.

Championship Gaming Series player Phoenix - Image 1Always at the forefront of professional gaming, the Championship Gaming Series league just announced that it joined hands with the Wuhan Government and the Wuhan Hi Tech Group to establish the world’s first eSports training center and professional gaming arena at the Wuhan Optical Valley Electronic Sports Stadium in Wuhan, China. Home to the CGS Wuhan Dragon team, it’s also big enough to hold the league’s next big event.

Through press wire, it has been confirmed that the upcoming CGS 2008 Pan-Asia Final will be held in the first landmark of pro gaming. From April 30 to May 3, fierce competitors from the east will vie for bragging rights and the chance to fly west for the 2008 CGS World Final (Los Angeles). Over 125,000 spectators are expected to swarm the Wuhan eSports Training Center and Professional Gaming Arena during the course of the event.

The top players who managed to join the ranks of Wuhan Dragon, Seoul Jinhwa, Singapore Sword, Sydney Underground, Dubai Mirage and Kuala Lumpur Taufan are going to display their skills as teams of 10 face off in CGS staples. Here’s a breakdown of the games:

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