Chip8me v1.0 – added support for SCHIP, GUI changes

Nintendo DS - Image 1Those interested with the evolution of gaming may want to install homebrew developer ETk‘s Chip 8 emulator for the Nintendo DS, Chip8me (previous release here). Created to make video games easily programmable to certain computers, Chip 8 certainly is a piece of gaming history worth looking back on. This particular release now sports some improvements, such as directory support, debug fixes, and SCHIP support.

Download: Chip8me v1.0

chip8me - Image 1 Homebrew developer ETk is back with the latest version of Chip8me (previous release here), the Chip 8 emulator for the Nintendo DS. This time around, there are several additions and bug fixes to this homebrew application, like eliminating the debugging problems that plagued chip8me. Some GUI improvements were also added like directory support and file sorting.

You can check out Chip8me version 1.0’s full changelog below:

  • CPU: Added SCHIP support
  • CPU: Fixed SP (it was skipping the first one)
  • CPU: RND opcode fixed (fixes VBRIX bugs)
  • CPU: LD Vx, K (Wait for keypress) fixed
  • GUI: Added directory support
  • GUI: Added file-sorting
  • GUI: Long names are now short when displaying
  • Misc: Fixed some memory overflows
  • Misc: fixed some debugging problems
  • Misc: Added auto-zoom (fit to screen, schip has different resolution)
  • Misc: Added ‘reset to default’ option
  • Misc: Added few options (‘reset to default’ and ‘save and continue’)
  • Others: some minor fixes.

To install this program, simply extract the .nds file and copy it into your flash card’s root folder (or the folder where you place your other .nds files). For more information, refer to the readme file included with this release.

Download: Chip8me v1.0

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