Circuit City’s USD 8.96 title list revealed

Bargain alert: US$ 8.96 Game List of Full Circuit City - Image 1If you’re on the brink of gaming starvation because you’ve been playing old titles over and over, Circuit City‘s US$ 8.96 game list just might be what you need. With news of such a deal, Videogameplayerz has managed to acquire a list of the games included.

To know more about the list, head on over to the full article.

US$ 8.96 full game list of Circuit City posted - Image 1Videogameplayerz was able to get its hands on the full list of Circuit City‘s US$ 8.96 game list. The list has at least 300 titles included in the promotion. It’s a deal that’s worth checking out.

Videogameplayerz decided to post the list because they noticed that there were some factors that hindered the people from fully enjoying this promo. As the site noted in its article, there were only a few titles that were mentioned on the ad, when a few hundred games were actually on sale.

Here are some of the titles included in the list: NHL 07, Quake 4 for the Xbox 360; , and Phantasy Star UniverseChildren of Mana, Elite Beat Agents, and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales for the Nintendo DS; Avatar: The Last Airbender and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown for the Wii; Kingdom of Paradise and Metal Gear Acid for the PSP; College Hoops 2K7 and Def Jam: Icon for the PS3.

If you didn’t find any title that tickled your fancy, there are more games included in the full list. Just remember to check the store nearest you for actual title availability so you don’t waste the trip.

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