City of Heroes, City of Villains get detailed stats for items

City of Heroes and Villains' numerical statistics explained - Image 1In a recent interview on Curse Gaming, City of Heroes programmer CW Bennett recently explained the advent of “Real Numbers” within City of Heroes and City of Villains.

He explained that these numbers were just put up to appeal to the players who love seeing numbers that showed off their existing power, and that they were completely optional for everyone. More on these additional item details after the jump!

City of Heroes and City of Villains: Real Numbers explained - Image 1A recent interview with programmer CW Bennett over on Curse Gaming revealed some details behind a newly-added feature to NCsoft‘s City of Heroes and City of Villains that should be of interest to hardcore MMORPG gamers out there: the inclusion of Real Numbers into the user interface (UI).

For all those who are wondering, Real Numbers refer to the usual stats and abilities that people see on items in MMORPG games. While it wasn’t visible before, the recent patch allowed for these numbers to be represented if a player chooses to have them, allowing people who have it enabled to better compare their armor and weapons to others.

As Bennett explains,

Originally all of the power descriptions and combat numbers were obfuscated and hidden away because we assumed that the details would be confusing to players… However, we eventually realized that in other games, comparing weapons/armor items was made easier (not harder) if they showed the actual combat numbers. The existing “easy to use” references are still there in game… But, for those who yearn for all the nitty gritty details, it’s all there for you! Hopefully exposing the numbers will help give players additional information they can use to make combat and power decisions.

Those are the specifics behind the recent addition of Real Numbers to the games. If you’re one of those folk who want the nitty-gritty behind what Bennett is saying, however, feel free to check out the source link for the full interview.

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Via Curse Gaming

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