Coded Soul Japanese website finally opens

Coded Soul May - Image 1Coded Soul, by Gaia Studio for the PSP finally gets its own official website, and offers a sneak peek at some of the characters, battle system, and the game’s backdrop. Do check the full article for the gist of what the game is all about.

Check out Coded Soul’s official Japanese website in the Via link!

Coded Soul Gail - Image 1Gaia Studio’s upcoming RPG for the Sony PSP, Coded Soul, finally opened its Japanese Official website with some images and information about the game’s characters, setting, and the battle system. However, the content is all in Japanese, so we’ll have to trust on our ever-dependable (almost) weblator.

Coded Soul is all about the adventures of a soldier named Jay, who travels to Idea on a quest to save his girlfriend May. Helping him is Gale, a boy who grants Jay the powers needed to let him travel to the world of Idea. The gameplay is fairly simple: Jay adventures through randomly-generated dungeons, where he encounters beasts of all kinds which he can recruit as allies if he manages to get their souls.

Its a interesting premise, backed up with nice concept artwork and sweet 3D graphics. Another cool feature in Coded Soul is that it can connect withFolklore, but exact details about how the connection works between those two games is still unknown.

Check out Coded Soul’s official Japanese website in the Via link!

Via Coded Soul Japanese official website

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