Coming for PSP: more Remote Play, video download service, more

Sony PlayStation Portable: focus on games with franchise umbrellas - Image 1Did you know that yesterday, the PSP celebrated its third year out in the US? What’s in store for the handheld’s future now? Quite a lot,  including services that fans have been clamoring for for a while now, such as more Remote Play with the PS3, a video download service, and more. Check out the full article to find out what else is in store for the PSP in the future.

Sony PlayStation Portable: focus on games with franchise umbrellas - Image 1 

The PSP has acquired quite a history since its release in the US three years ago. You bet Sony has no intention of slowing down. A new interview with Sony’s Senior Marketing Manager John Koller reveals what’s in store for the handheld’s future.

Ok, so Portable Copy didn’t arrive with the PS3’s firmware 2.20 update, but Koller does state that Remote Play is a “big, important emphasis point for us” and that it’s “going to continue to expand this year.” Here’s hoping Portable Copy will arrive with the next update.

Another service that’s arriving for the PSP is a video-download service. (The Go!Video Download service was only announced for Europe, so he might be talking about a corresponding service for other regions.) When will this service arrive? “Shortly,” he says. Which holds well with previous rumors about the service supposedly nearing completion.

A number of other things coming this year are, in shorthand, the God of War: Chains of Olympus PSP Entertainment Pack coming this June, the GPS accessory revealed at the 2008 GDC, the long sought-for camera, and a keyboard.

And games of course. Let’s not forget about games. The PSP is still a gaming platform after all, despite all the great extras. What games are coming for the PSP? According to Koller:

I think we need to get more of the God of War and Final Fantasy types—strong brand umbrellas that have very good gameplay underneath and are unique from the PS2, but maybe have some of that storyline.

Via Game Informer

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