Conspiracy Entertainment and Epicenter Studios join to distribute Real Heroes: Firefighters

Real Heroes: Firefighter - Image 1Conspiracy Entertainment has just signed a publishing agreement with Epicenter Studios to bring together the Wii-exclusive Real Heroes: Firefighters. But while the title all but screams “fiery action,” you’ll be quite surprised to learn that it won’t be violent at all. So what’s in store for you in this game? Read up over after the jump.

Real Heroes: Firefighters - Image 1Conspiracy Entertainment and Epicenter Studios are now officially partners that will bring Real Heroes: Firefighters to the Wii. In the publishing agreement, Conspiracy will have to rights to market, sell and distribute the Wii-exclusive title in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Although placing firefighters as the star for this game, you’d be surprised to know that Real Heroes will actually be a non-violent game that incorporates game-integral puzzles.

There’s also the “Thinking Fire” technology brought in by Epicenter, which will have the blazes seem real as its role breaks away from merely crushing structures, attacking victims and firefighters. Instead, it also can prove pivotal to the environment. Yes, fire that can alter your strategies and choices. Smart, eh?

CEO of Conspiracy Entertainment, Sirius Ahmadi, says of the title:

The motion sensing capability of the Wii Remote, combined with Epicenter’s intuitive fire technology, equips anyone to step into the role of rookie firefighter… Not only is this game thrilling, but its realistic action pays homage to the nation’s real firefighters and is appropriate for the whole family.

Real Heroes: Firefighters is expected to be distributed in the Q2 of 2009. Do keep it posted here for more fiery update on this title.

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