Coraline video game to be released in time with movie

Coraline Video Game from D3Publisher - Image 1Run. Run, or the other mother will get you, and will give you buttons for eyes, so it’s time to… button mash? In time with the release of the movie next year, D3 Publisher will be releasing the video game version of Coraline. More in the full article.

Coraline Video Game from D3Publisher - Image 1For geeks out there like me, you’d appreciate how much of a dream it is that Henry Selick was brought on board to make the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s Coraline. You can imagine my delight when i saw the press release from D3 Publisher saying that they were going to release a video game adaptation.

According to the PR, Coraline will be released on console and handheld systems in time with the movie. Pending official clarification on this one, we’re just listing this down on all the platforms. In case you were wondering, the movie will be released next year, on February 6. It’s still a long ways away, so maaaaan they better make it worth the wait.

The game is described to be a “surrealistic adventure game.” It is also said to have a moody atmosphere and an engaging narrative. Well, that does describe Selick and Gaiman to the letter. Now let’s hope they deliver. I would actually feel better if we saw a trailer, or screenshots at least. But even the movie itself has sparse enough footage as it is, so tough cookies.

For the curious, the console versions will be developed by Papaya Studios, the team behind Medal of Honor: Airborne (PS3, Xbox 360, PC), and the handheld versions will be developed by ART.

Thanks to Gryphon Ward for the heads up!

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