CSPortable Dust Demo – includes De_Dust maps, new weapons, more

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1As a parting gift from the CSPortable project, Stealth_Kill has released the final version of this homebrew adaptation of Counter-Strike. CSPortable Dust Demo features the famous De_Dust  maps as well as several other neat stuff. You can read the complete list of changes since our previous coverage of CSPortable in the full article.

Download: CSPortable Dust Demo
Download: CSPortable Dust Demo (source code)
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development forum

Screenshot of CSPortable PSP homebrew game - Image 1

Those of you who enjoyed playing the homebrew version of Counter-Strike on your PlayStation Portables had better savor this last bit of glory from developer Stealth_Kill. The developer of the highly popular CSPortable homebrew game explained that he will no longer be working on this particular project any longer.

However, as a parting gift, Stealth_Kill has rolled out the Dust Demo build of CSPortable as well as the source code behind the game. Included in this version are the highly popular De_Dust and De_Dust2 maps as well as several new weapons and UI changes.

Anyway, here’s the list of all the new changes implemented since our previous coverage of CSPortable:

  • De_Dust
  • De_Dust2
  • Bomb explode
  • Weapon Damage fixed
  • New HUD Gfx by X3nophon
  • New Menu GFX by Dr Gallo
  • Steyr Aug Added
  • Dual Elite Added
  • Desert Eagle Added
  • Famas Added
  • FiveSeven Added
  • MAC-10 Added
  • IMI Galil Added
  • SG-1 (G3) Added
  • P228 Added
  • you can only carry a Pistol and a bigger weapon.
  • 2 Weapon Buy Menus (1 for CT and 1 for T)
  • Smaller Conback
  • Removed some unused Gfx
  • Fixed Memory Problems
  • Fixed Galil

The developer mentioned that while Dust Demo is still unfinished, it is already playable for all intents and purposes of this amazing homebrew adaptation. There were still several features left out like the death count, bomb diffusion and the respawning feature, but that will have to taken up by another developer who wishes to continue the CSPortable project.

In any case, you can download the homebrew game file and the source code through the links we’ve provided below. You can also discuss CSPortable Dust Demo with the author at the QJ.NET forums, accessible through the link below.

Download: CSPortable Dust Demo
Download: CSPortable Dust Demo (source code)
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development forum

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