Custom firmware update: PSP 3.80 M33-2 now out

PSP - Image 1Man, that was quick. PSP homebrew icon Dark AleX has just released the first update for the new 3.80 M33 custom firmware. Note that 3.80 M33-2 requires 3.80 M33 to work. This update brings a fix for the new custom firmware‘s icon issue as well as a necessary fix for homebrew that report the PSP’s CPU speed. The full changelog in the full article.

Download: CFW PSP 3.80 M33
Download: CFW PSP 3.80 M33-2

PSP - Image 1The first update for 3.80 M33, Dark AleX‘s latest custom PSP firmware, has been released. This update fixes a couple of issues:

  • Function scePowerGetClockFrequency/scePowerGetClockFrequencyInt was not resolved properly due to a confussion between the two nids applying to the same function. Fixed, this update is necessary for plugins and kernel homebrew reporting psp cpu speed.
  • PSX EBOOT.PBP that have a icon of 80×80 pixels will not be replaced by Dracula icon in savedata.

Dark AleX provided an explanation for the icon issue in 3.80 M33:

In 3.80 pops, Sony has introduced a bug that causes a crash when the icon of the pbp is not 80×80, like those of psstore. To resolve the issue, M33 was replacing the icon in ram by the one with Dracuala image, what caused the side effect of ps1 save games having Dracula icon.

As the readme file takes note: to get this running, you’re required to install 3.80 M33 first. Be reminded that you can also get the 3.80 M33-2 update via Network Update if you already have 3.80 M33 running on your PSP. As usual, refer to the readme file included in the download for installation instructions as well as more info.

Thanks to Buttonsoft, Dragoon, and all the QJ.NET readers who sent us tips about this update!

Download: CFW PSP 3.80 M33
Download: CFW PSP 3.80 M33-2

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