CWCheat 0.2.2 REV. C

PSP Homebrew news and updates - CWCheat - Image 1PSP homebrew developer weltall has released a new version of CWCheat, the program that lets you cheat in certain games on the Sony handheld. Check out the changelog in the full article.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 REV. C.

PSP Homebrew news and updates - CWCheat - Image 1A new build is out for CWCheat from PSP homebrew developer weltall. This update now brings the program up to version 0.2.2 REV. C.

If you aren’t familiar with CWCheat, it’s a program that lets you cheat in certain games. It lets you use cheat codes like Gameshark and Xploder. You can also download an existing database of cheats for the program online.

In this update, weltall removed some of the changes made in REV. B because they caused some regressions in the program. Don’t forget to read the documentation included in the download archive for more information on the program. Here’s the changelog for CWCheat version 0.2.2 REV. C. from the program’s website:

  • [ALL] Fixed a timing bug which could lead to the dump function stop working after enabling the usb mass device because the memory stick device
  • wasn’t mounted when the dump was taking place: making the function fail.
  • [ALL] Removed some optimizations which made some regressions (rev b’)
  • [ALL] Changed slightly the behaviour of pointers codes. now the q part is effectively usefull by itself (this change is be needed for upcoming cheats)
  • [ALL] Now if connected to an hotspot like connection (so a connection requiring the browser to login in the network), the db downloader will automatically open the browser to let you login upon connection. Making so possible to download the database trough this type of hot spots
  • (available only on 3.x build)

Thanks to tipster corytheidiot for the heads up!

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 REV. C.

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