D2pro team officially releases 9-wire d2pro modchip

D2pro 9-wire chip released - Image 1Ladies and gents, it’s finally official. We’ve just learned that the D2pro team has officially released their d2pro nine-wire chip to the public. Learn more about the D2pro chip after the jump!

D2pro 9-wire chip picture - Image 1Heads up, Wii lovers. We’ve just found out that the D2pro team has officially released their 9-wire d2pro chip to the public!

Here’s the announcement straight from the D2pro team’s website:

We are pleased to announce that the new 9-wire d2pro chip has now been officially released. This chip comes with an integrated SPI Flash and takes only 9 wires (including power) to install.

Like it’s 15-wire predecessor, this chip is fully updateable (JTAG and SPI Flash) via the d2prog USB programmer which is available separately. Configuration options include separate drivespeed settings for DVD5/DVD9 backups and original discs, region override, and GC audiofix.

According to the information we’ve found, the team has also updated its wesbite with additional information. They’ve now added an updated installation guide for their 9-wire chip, and it is available for download on the site under “Resources.”

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