Daedalus icon design contest update: icon sizes

Daedalus N64 emulator for the PSP - Image 1Homebrew developer StrmnNrmn has made a clarification on the accepted icon sizes for the Daedalus icon and background design contest that we reported on a couple of days back. According to StrmnNrmn, interested parties can submit icons sized 134 x 74 or 140 x 80. Both sizes are fine. Over 50 submissions have already been made, so those who want to join the contest better get their creative juices flowing quick. The contest ends November 16.

Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1It took a while, but StrmnNrmn‘s Daedalus R13 Nintendo 64 homebrew emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable has finally been released, much to the enjoyment of those in the PSP homebrew scene.

With the arrival of the new release, the homebrew developer also asked the PSP homebrew community to come up with backgrounds and icons for the next iteration of the Daedalus emulator.

We’ve already covered the basics of the contest in a previous post. For the sake of those who asked about the icon sizes, StrmnNrmn has clarified that “134×74 or 140×80 are both fine” for the icon sizes.

The developer has reportedly received over 50 submissions to date, so it might take a while until a final winner is announced. Those who have yet to submit their entries still have time until the contest ends on November 16. Keep checking back here for more updates.

Via StrmnNrmn

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