PSPKVM v0.4.0 – now with Chinese Input Method, new shortcut keys

Sony PSP logo - Image 1 Mobile and PC Java PSP gaming enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy the latest release of PSPKVM (previous release here). Now with some improvements on the Virtual Keyboard such as added Chinese Input Method and new short-cut keys, Java gaming on your PSP is now better than before. The full changelog awaits in the full article.

Download: PSPKVM v0.4.0

PSPKVM sleepper, M@x - Image 1The mobile and PC Java emulator for the PSP, PSPKVM, is back with a bunch of updates that will surely make your mobile Java gaming experience sweeter that before (previous update here). Homebrew developers sleepper and [email protected] have packed in more than a few fixes in this release, such as shortcut keys for the Virtual Keyboard.

Chinese-speaking gamers will also appreciate this release, as the ‘brew developers added a Chinese Input Method to PSPKVM’s virtual keyboard. Check out the changelog below for the full dirt on what’s new with this version of PSPKVM:

2008-06-22 10:32 v0.4.0

  • Change package name and purpose of release bundles.

  • pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-150-upgrade: Use this package if your PSP is 1.50 kernel and have installed pspkvm 0.3.2
  • pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-OE-upgrade: Use this package if your PSP is 3.xx OE kernel and have installed pspkvm 0.3.2
  • pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-150-allinone: Use this package if your PSP is 1.50 kernel and havn’t installed pspkvm 0.3.2
  • pspkvm-bin-x.x.x-OE-allinone: Use this package if your PSP is 3.xx OE kernel and havn’t installed pspkvm 0.3.2
  • Source code package is no longer provided in release; Instead, you can grab source code from svn, tags are created for each release.
  • JSR179 support (OE Version only). Currently support GPS290 (Sony’s USB GPS receiver) only, serial GPS will be supported in future
  • Chinese Input Method. Please see “Virtual Keyboard and Chinese Input tips” in “Running tips” section of Release Note. Special thanks to Culiu for his contribution of Chinese Pinyin engine.
  • Use Sony’s On screen Keyboard as alternate input method. Default is off, turn it on in pspkvm.ini X/O swap in native dialog, configurable by pspkvm.ini
  • Get device specific properties from pspkvm.ini. User can set properties (e.g “microedition.platform”, or User-Agent value) for specific device
  • Use HTTP proxy setting in network profile
  • Add SonyEricsson Generic device profile in Device Selection
  • Virtual Keyboard improvement:
  • Change key layout to be “QWERTY
  • Add some short-cut keys
  • “Auto-open” property can be configured by pspkvm.ini
  •     Resolve some MIDlets not run problems:
  • Super Action Hero
  • Gmail 1.5.0
  • Yahoo! GO

As always, you should read the accompanying documentation before you install or run PSPKVM. Installation instructions are included in the .pdf file, but if you run into some problems that cannot be solved by the solutions specified in the document you can always directly contact the developers by clicking on the Via link. Enjoy!

Download: PSPKVM v0.4.0


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