DAPES v2 by Shaolan (Drawing and Picture Editing Software) - Image 1 For those who have been keeping track of PSP homebrew developer Shaolan‘s DAPES (Drawing and Picture Editing Software), here’s an update for the MS Paint-like application. It’s now on version 2 and it sports a couple of nifty additions.

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Download: DAPES v2

DAPES v2 by Shaolan (Drawing and Picture Editing Software) - Image 1

PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Shaolan has released a new build for the application DAPES (or Drawing and Picture Editing Software). The homebrew application is now on version 2 and it sports a number of changes since the last release.

For the uninitiated, DAPES basically allows you to have something like MS Paint on your Sony PSP so you can edit and draw pictures on it. A couple of interesting stuff were added to DAPES on this release, like a copy-paste function. Anyway, we have the changelog plus the planned additions for the next release (translated with the beauty that is Internet Translators) below.

Changelog of this version:

  • Addition of “Selection” tool
  • Addition of “Copy / Paste” tool
  • Amelioration of the keyboard DENZEL (adding capitalization and numbers)
  • Amelioration of the interface
  • Function Paint Bucket finished cepandant the crash LP for an area too large, although the problem is set to the next version

Coming in the next version:

  • Menu advanced functionality
  • Addition of Local Zoom (zoom only on a selected area of image)
  • Adding options Symetrie

There you have it folks. We found something pretty interesting in this homebrew application’s release: Shaolan keeps his promises (the “Coming in the next version” in DAPES version 1.5’s release were pretty much all done). Anyway, at least we know what to expect in the next release, right?

Download: DAPES v2

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