David Jaffe looking to sell Eat Sleep Play, but not right now

Eat Sleep Play logo - Image 1In a recent interview, Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe stated that the company is willing to get acquired in the future. While the creator of wildly successful series such Twisted Metal and God of War still has a couple of Sony exclusives in mind, Jaffe said Eat Sleep Play is eager to talk to other parties interested in buying the studio. Check out the full article to learn more.

David Jaffe - Image 1Now that David Jaffe parted with Sony to form Eat Sleep Play, everyone expects good things out of Twisted Metal and God of War‘s creator. It’s fun to speculate, and we always imagine how crazy it would be to see the company develop an epic car combat game for Microsoft or an interstellar action game for Electronic Arts in the veins of Mass Effect.

While Jaffe expressed his lack of interest in high-budget tiles, he also made it clear that getting acquired by a publisher is a desired business move. Jaffe told GameTap in an interview:

I want to sell our company. Scott (former Incognito head, Eat Sleep Play co-founder) wants to sell our company. We’re all looking to do that one day. That’s the plan. That’s how you make money in this business.

Eat Sleep Play signed to develop three exclusives for Sony, but according to Jaffe, the company is still eager to talk with other parties and have received interest from other companies. “I would love to get acquired,” Jaffe added.

However, Jaffe explained:

…we don’t want to get acquired right now. We have no problems keeping the lights on. It’s not about, “Oh please buy us because we’re about to go under.” It’s about finding the right partner who likes what we do. Can we make significantly more money selling our company than doing games on an individual basis for some publishers? Yes.

But this is all down the road stuff. I donÂ’t mind sharing our business plan… but this is down-the-road stuff, this is long-term planning, and right now we’re happy making these games with Sony.

On the other hand, the outspoken game designer stated that he probably won’t take the offer if Sony asks his company to work on God of War 3. “It would have to be a pretty significant offer, because one of the reasons we started this company is because we donÂ’t want to make massive, triple A, $30 to $50 million games any more,” he said. He continued:

[Eat Sleep Play is] more about moment-to-moment gameplay. So it would have to be a pretty amazing offer for us to abandon that passion we have and hunker down for three years and kill ourselves in order to do it. But if the offer was good enough…hell yeah, we’d do it.

Via GameTap

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