Defend Your Castle for WiiWare: new multiplayer details

WiiWare Game: Defend your Castle from XGen Studios - Image 1Having stick figures as an enemy race may be easy when there’s only one or two of them around, but once they come in hordes, it’s time to gird your loins to Defend Your Castle! Check out new details on the crazy WiiWare game in the full article!

In Defend Your Castle, an upcoming game for WiiWare, defending against stick figures is easy. All you have to do is fling them around, bash them to the ground, or dump them in a bucket of paint. That is, until they come in massive hordes.

The original Defend Your Castle game on the PC is pretty infamous for its difficulty in its higher levels. The same holds true for the Wii version – only it’s much more fun because of the new four-player cooperative gameplay.

You’ll need your friends for this one. In Defend your Castle, you’ll get a new unit type that wasn’t in the PC version, more massive waves of invaders, and even a new “Heroic” difficulty mode for those who aren’t content with the challenge.

The game’s really made to be multiplayer-friendly. Anyone can join and drop in anytime while playing, and the game will adjust appropriately. And if you scored the highest at the end of the round, you’re also crowned King of the Castle! (With the added benefits of course.)

Defend Your Castle will be released on WiiWare on May 12 (tomorrow!), when the service goes live and will be available for  500 Wii Points. To get an idea on how crazy the game gets, check out this gameplay trailer:

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