Devil May Cry 4 demo released

Devil May Cry 4 demo released - Image 1Capcom‘s tossed an e-mail our way saying that PC gamers will now have a chance to try out Devil May Cry 4 on their capable gaming rigs as soon as they can grab a demo copy off the Internet. The publisher says that it should be available over major download veins, and if you wait a little longer, it could be in your favorite one, too. But before you all go scurrying about Google, find out what’s slated for you inside the free download at the full story.

Devil May Cry 4 demo released - Image 1 

Devil May Cry 4
may have been released early on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Capcom earlier revealed that the real deal on the game’s technology is on the PC version of the game. And now PC gamers may try out the game for themselves, because Capcom has announced that a feature-filled demo has been shipped to major download veins on the Internet.

In similar fashion to Devil May Cry 3, DMC4 is debuting last on the PC for another memorable demon slashing romp for action fans on the platform, but with additional modes and content. Techies will be most interested in the Benchmark Test Mode packaged into the Devil May Cry 4 demo, but then there’s also two missions rolled in there that are identical to the missions offered in the console demo versions.

The two new modes offered on the PC doesn’t seem to be in there, so you’re going to have to grab a copy of the full game if you’re really interested in checking them out. For now, the downloadable content is critical to folks who want to see how much frames their monster gaming machines can crank out. It’s game on, friends.

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