DiscardEmAll v0.2 card game for DS *UPDATE*

DiscardEmAll - Image 1 Want to get more card games (such as Spider Solitaire) for your DS? You can add this new homebrew to your collection then: DiscardEmAll for the Nintendo handheld. The rule is simple enough: just discard all of your cards before your CPU opponent does.

*UPDATE* PSP homebrew dev t4ils has just released another build for DiscardEmAll, bumping it up to version 0.2. More info and the changelog in the full article!

Download: DiscardEmAll v0.2

DiscardEmAll - Image 1Fans of homebrew card games such as Spider Solitaire may want to check out yet another nifty card game for the Nintendo handheld: DiscardEmAll. Created by t4ils, DiscardEmAll’s main objective is to “discard” (which explains the name) all the cards in your hand before the computer.

In playing this game, all you need to do is to use your stylus to move cards from your hand, to the middle of the screen. Do keep in mind that you can’t just dump any card; you need to make sure that the card you’re discarding is consecutive in number to the card topmost of the pile (example, 2 on a 3 or 4 on a 3).

If none of the cards in your hand can be dropped, you can tap on the “heel” (card on the upperleft portion of the touchscreen) to draw four new cards.

Here’s the changelog for your perusal, in case you’re interested in grabbing this game:

04/03/08: Preview
05/03/08: Version 0.1

  • Adding:
    • The heel turns blue when the computer can not play, red when human and computer can not play
    • Each cell card a sense, that may change if there is change in the map upside
    • The card change in the direction that is not on a map of the same color + Above the map change of direction, one can not play the same color
    • Cells cards are a “tour”: you can go from 12 to 0 and 0 to 12 (depending on the direction)
    • Map Joker is played on any map and allows any color

06/03/08: Version 0.11

  • Adding:
    • Sound
    • You can see the computer play
    • Modification: * We must play a map of the same color as the Joker over the Joker

You know what to do: just download the game from the link below. Enjoy!

*UPDATEHomebrew developer tails just updated the card game, and here’s the changelog:

09/03/08: Version 0.2

  • Adding:
    •  Menu
    • Options
    • Setting the level of AI
    • Maps Bonus Yes / No
    • Tutorial
    • Slippage card when they pickaxe
    • Modification: Gfx

You can download the updated game from the link below:

Download: DiscardEmAll v0.2

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