Disney Interactive Studios goes full throttle with family-oriented games

The Disney Interactive Studios logo - Image 1It seems that these are the days for equal opportunity. Both guys and gals are into electronic gaming, and the people at Disney Interactive Studios know this. That’s why the company has seen it fit to go all out with Disney-themed titles for various platforms and various audiences.

For more of the rationale behind the animation giant’s marketing move, check out the full article after the jump.

Prince Caspian The Game is only one of the titles in Disney Interactive Studios lineup - Image 1Successful businesses know what their target market is and what needs to be done in order to please them. With the gaming scene involving more females of all ages, some companies have taken to producing games that appeal to both sexes. Disney Interactive Studios is one such company.

Faye Donohue-Hill of Disney Interactive Studios said that the company’s current thrust involves making more family-oriented games. According to her, it’s all about music, innovation and group-oriented fun.

As Donohue-Hill put it:

The idea is to make games for everyone in the family, not just one particular genre. This is an all-encompassing games strategy. ItÂ’s not just about games where you shoot and fight but innovation that can allow you to create music and allow others to join in at any time.

Donohue-Hill noted a few examples of upcoming Disney Interactive Studios’ games that fit this description. One of these is Pure (PS3, PC, Xbox 360), which promises a butterflies-inducing offroad racing experience. Another example is that of the multi-platformer Prince Caspian: The Game, which allows several players to jump in and out of the adventure at any time.

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