PSN Europe update: Patapon demo, Everyday Shooter and many others

PSN Europe update: Patapon demo and Everyday Shooter now available - Image 1We’re letting all our readers know that Europe‘s PlayStation Network has recently been updated with some new goodies for your perusal.

Spotted among the updates were Queasy Game’s Everyday Shooter, and the previously announced Patapon demo. More details regarding Europe’s PSN update are in the full article.

PSN Europe update: Patapon demo and Everyday Shooter now available - Image 1In case you haven’t been online yet, we’re letting you know that Europe‘s PlayStation Network has been updated with new games and videos for your downloading pleasure.

Leading the way for this week’s update is a download for Everyday Shooter, the quirky little musical shooter title from developer Queasy Games.

Those looking for more mad riffs will want to look over the Guitar Hero 3 track pack that’s available for around 4 GBP (US$ 7.87). Over at PlayStation Store PC, you can also avail of the recently released demos of Patapon and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2.

For the Final Fantasy fans, you’ve got a new Crisis Core trailer that’s just waiting to be picked up. Drop by again in case we receive any updates regarding this matter.

  • PlayStation Store
    • Games:
      • Riff Everyday Shooter (SCEE), £ 4.99 (US$ 10)
      • Feel Ski (SCEE), Updated game file
    • Demos:
      • EverybodyÂ’s Golf World Tour PS3 (SCE)
    • Packs:
      • Guitar Hero 3 – Classic Rock Track Pack (Activision), £ 3.99 (US$ 8)
    • Video:
      • Conflict: Denied Ops (Eidos Interactive)
        • Teaser Trailer, Free
        • Dev Diary 1: Destructibility, Free
        • Dev Diary 2: Environmental Breadth, Free
    • Brand:
      • Spiderwick (Paramount Pictures), Free
      • The Waterhouse (Sony Pictures Home Entertainmet), Free
      • Vantage Point (Sony Pictures Home Entertainmet), Free
    • Wallpapers:
      • Resident Evil 5 Wallpaper (Capcom), Free
    • Themes:
      • Super Stardust HD Theme (SCEE), Free
  • PlayStation Store (PC):
    • Demos:
      • SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2 (SCEE), Free
      • Patapon (SCEE), Free
    • Packs:
      • Wipeout Pulse – Icaras Pack (SCEE) £ 2.99 (US$ 6)
    • Video:
    • Brand:
      • Spiderwick (Paramount Pictures), Free

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