Doom mods: Hellraiser PSP and GoldenEye PSP

Hellraiser PSP - Image 1Doom by id Software will always be looked back to as one of the games that made the most impact on gaming history, so it’s not surprising if homebrew developers choose to tinker with it to make it playable on the Sony PSP. Do check out the full article to read more about two Doom mods: Hellraiser PSP and GoldenEye PSP.

Download: Hellraiser PSP
Download: GoldenEye PSP

It’s undeniable: Doom by id Software is one of the most epic titles that we have come across so far in the history of gaming. But of course, we can only play the game so many times, so we’re glad there are some homebrew developers around to tinker and play around with Doom to make it playable on the PSP. Here are some good examples: the Hellraiser and Goldeneye Doom Mods for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Hellraiser PSP - Image 1 Hellraiser PSP - Image 2 Hellraiser PSP - Image 3

These Doom mods, found by DCEmu member michalt441, will still give you the same brand of enjoyment that the original Doom offers, but with a nice twist. Hellraiser PSP, for example, is touted to be one of the hardest Doom mods ever made, with Nightmare mode impossible to play through (you can always try, though).

GoldenEye PSP - Image 1 GoldenEye PSP - Image 2 GoldenEye PSP - Image 3

On the other hand, GoldenEye PSP can be considered as Doom, only with a makeover. With almost all of its elements (skins, textures, monsters, weapons, etc) customized, it certainly gives a rather suave twist to the classic bloody game we have known and loved.

If you own a Sony PSP, you owe it to yourself to check out these nifty Doom mods. Download them from the links below, don’t forget to go over the readme files included, and enjoy!

Download: Hellraiser PSP
Download: GoldenEye PSP

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